cozy cabin sleepovers.

ever since i started to work full-time, i reaalllly reallllly love weekends, and try to take full advantage! there's no better way to spend a weekend than in a cabin. yup, the cabin that's been on the blog before :) i adore dressing casual and lounging around all day with the dogs running free. my friends LIVE here and wake up to this beautiful scenery every single morning. i really think being surrounded with natural beauty like this leads to a more positive and happy life. hopefully one day i'll be in the burbs' surrounded by this kind of scenery! 

i brought along my cozy floral shorts and favorite hat. i just found this hat at urban, and had to get it. i had one exactly like it but when my car was broken into last month they ONLY stole my vintage hat. ruuuude. the previous one was a bit more red, maybe one day i will re-thrift it. keep dreaming, right?!

p.s. i added tons of new vintage into the store!  

shorts: for sale in my store
blouse: c/o mexyshop
bag: for sale in my store
hat: UO
shoes: c/o wanted

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