a cabin in the woods.

when the weather get's chilly, the best place to visit is my friends cabin upcoast. it's a bit dilapidated and  beautifully rustic. the air is crisp, the grass is high and it is in the middle of nowhere. i have dreamt about these fall/winter days all year and they are finally back!

i am having one of those weeks where i miss too many people. do you ever have those? i think a NYC trip is overdue (even though i was sort of just there). and i also think miami is far too spread out. maybe i will just have to invent a magical machine to transport me to everyone through thin air. or i need a jeannie! or i just need sleep. sometimes when im too tired to function i get bummed. CANT WAIT TO SLEEP IN TOMORROW! have a good weekend!

blazer: in store soon!
blouse: c/o romwe
jeans: 2020ave
boots: vintage
bag: handbag heaven

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