i'm going to be a Mrs!!!!!!!!! ♥

!!!!!!! ok so here goes!

this week has been truly amazing. i posted on wednesday because i found out tuesday i am being promoted! it was truly the most proud of myself i've ever felt finding out that i worked hard enough to be promotable! yesterday was matt's last day at his job because he is going to be freelancing full-time. let's just say we had a LOT to celebrate on our upcoming vacation. my ears were ear-to-ear when i stepped out of work yesterday to start my vacation!

matt texted me asking if i wanted to watch the sunset at our favorite spot and drink champagne, and me being totally oblivious to anything, said i wanted to go for a run (LOL i would!) i came home after work and taped up balloons all over that said "Congrats" because it was matt's last day at work, so when he walked in there were decorations and a card waiting for him. After he read his card he asked if he could give me my birthday presents (because today is my birthday!) 

First i opened up a book from Books N Books. Then I opened up a tiny vintage camera which i am really excited to start taking pictures with. I knew he was getting me a camera, so I wasn't surprised. Then he told me he had one more present for me and I was really confused. He told me to stand up and close my eyes, and when I opened them he was on one knee with a ring! I have to admit, our first response to eachother was "which finger/hand does it go on!" haha we are newbs! the ring was handmade by a jewelry designer in Washington, and i love that matt found a piece that is unique to only me! I cannot believe it, i am in so much shock but really so so happy and grateful that i found such a great person to spend my life with! any wedding planning tips are welcome below! We will be in Marthas Vineyard and NYC celebrating all week! XO!! 

blouse: c/o sheinside
skirt: pepa loves
shoes: vintage
glasses: c/o LuLu*s