you're not just good, you're golden.

fridays are good. :) this quarter is a toughie guys, i have lots and lots of reading! i've been spending my days buried in books and my sewing machine.. feeling like an introvert. but it is imperative to know about international retailing & buying & styling & advertising & visual merchandising (my lineup of classes). i really couldn't love all of the topics any more. life is such a balance between fun and work, sometimes i need to remind myself that its okay to have some fun! but working hard is good too..

anyWAY! i wore this to dinner with my fam on wednesday. decided to put on every shade of beige and gold that i own including this cute cute bow necklace that i haven't taken off. i apologize ahead of time for all of the outfits it will be in :) how are you cute gals having fun this weekend? on saturday i am working a job side-by-side with matty as a photographer and sunday... who knows!

blouse: for sale in my store
shorts: h & m
bag: ebay
shoes: c/o style rules with rachel zoe
necklace: c/o modcloth