Girlfriend Jeans + A Hudson Appearance (& 10 Secret Things About Me!)

I saw a few people on instagram share 10 secrets about themselves that aren't out for the world to see yet, and I thought this idea was fun! You guys hear me babble on and on about my clothing choices and my life path, but I never really share much about who I am!

1. I grew up skateboard and surfing! Yup, probably never mentioned that. I used to be able to ollie over stuff, skate a bowl and surf hurricane waves. I still longboard skateboard, but want to get back into surfing.

2. When Matt and I first started to date, we lived together in Nicaragua for 7 months. I was in Brooklyn, and we were long distance, and he had a job at a hotel in Nica. I decided to move there to be with him!

3. I am the oldest, and I have 2 younger brothers. I really feel like growing up in a male-dominated home has defined who I am in many many ways.

4. I am the least girly girl you might meet who is into clothes. It's assumed because of this blog that maybe I am prissy or femme, but I promise I am not! I curse like a sailor, laugh louder than most people and never ever have my nails done.

5. I went to visual arts middle & highschool and took intensive drawing/ painting / photography classes. I hardly ever pick up a brush or a pencil anymore, but wish I did, or had the space for art supplies.

6. I used to write in a journal from 10 years old all the way until college. As a highschool graduation gift, I photo copied every single thing I wrote about my days with each of my best friends, and made them their own little memory books. I sometimes wonder if they still have them.

7. I have anxiety, and it's gotten worse as I get older. It's sort of weird saying it out loud (or typing it) but while I seem super sociable, I am very in my head, and am super obsessive about weird things so much so, that I get overwhelmed and become frozen.

8. I learned to drive by driving my dad to Krispy Kreme in Pompano Beach for Hot Now donuts while he quizzed me on which Beatle was singing.

9. My first car was a neon green VW Beetle. I decked it out with polka dots and barbies and all sorts of weird things. I wish I had pictures, but IG didn't exist so...

10. My very first Nokia ringtone was "PS I Love You" By The Beatles all in beep form.

Share some of your secrets in the comments!

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