A Note To My Mom on Mother's Day / The Gift of Chocolate!

This year, after becoming a mom, I can truly connect with and understand my own mom, and all of the sacrifices she made for me. She always used to say "You'll understand when you become a mom," and those words COULD NOT BE MORE TRUE.

So this Mother's Day, Hudson and I are sending over an "e-card" via this blog post, filled with merci chocolate (that we'll be mailing) to my mom! We're many miles apart, but we love you so much Mom! Thanks for putting in so much time, energy and worries to help me be the best me that I can be. I strive to be even 1/2 as selfless as you were as a parent - you set the bar high. Being a mom isn't a thankless job, like your mom always said, because when you grow up and your kids have kids, they love you in a totally new way. Happy Mother's Day!

If you're looking for a small gift to share your love this Mother's Day, merci always does the trick. P.S. I had to get a little chocolate for myself too, and Matt may have had some as well ;)

Thanks to Merci for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own!