Palm Springs Photo Diary + Guide

After spending 3 days in Palm Springs camping at Sam's Family Spa in our VW, we were able to explore pretty much everything on our list! I figured it would be fun to share our itinerary with you in case you're planning a trip anytime soon! Here goes!

1. Salvation Mountain: This is about 1.5 hours outside of Palm Springs, but we made the journey. It's a super weird place, and it smells like paint, but it's incredibly bright and positive and we were so happy we made the journey. We also drove through slab city! It's really really hot, so make sure to bring a hat/sunscreen/ water! 
2. Palm Springs Tramway: This is a definite must-see if you have a few hours one day. It's right inside of the city, and you get to see an incredible view (we have a video coming soon with images of the view!) We didn't realize that we should dress warm and wear sneakers to hike around, but you can spend a full day hiking the mountain once you get off the tram, if you are into hiking and exploring!
3. Whitewater Canyon Loop Trail: We hiked this beautiful trail early one morning around 8AM. Make sure to get there early, because the parking fills up, but it's definitely worth it! 

1. Tonga Hut (pictured below): This tiki hut is awesome, and it even has a secret room! Make sure to ask about it!
2. Ernest Coffee: Had some delicious lattes from here, and at night the outside area connects to another tiki bar!
3. The Saguaro(pictured below): This hotel is AMAZING looking, but the music at the pool was super loud, and it was way too much of a scene for us to stick around. Definitely a must-see though!
4. King's Highway (At the Ace Hotel): The yummiest brunch!
5. Jake's: We had late lunch here and it was so delicious! I had the yummiest tuna salad.
6. Great Shakes: If you're into sweets, GO HERE. My milkshake was hands-down the best one ever, and it comes with a mini donut on the straw!
7. In N Out: No, I'm not kidding. The best burger and fries maybe ever!
8. El Mirasol: We went here for drinks and lunch on a super hot day, and it didn't fail us!

1. Moorten Botanical Gardens (pictured): I'm sure you've seen pictures of this Greenhouse all over instagram, but it really is worth seeing in person. It's mind bogglingly magical guys. The entire garden was created by a couple who collected all of these cacti for many years.
2. Cabazon Dinosaurs(pictured): These giant dinosaurs are a riot! It's soooo windy, and they're in a really weird location off the side of a highway, but they're awesome to see.
3. #ThatPinkDoor(pictured): Okay, this door is just another mid-century modern door, but the neighborhood it stands in is worth seeing. The houses are so inspiring, and there were so many other interestingly painted doors, and mid-century modern architecture!
4. Elvis' Honeymoon Hideaway (pictured): I am so glad we took this tour! It costs $30, and they hold them at 1PM and 3:30PM daily. The house is actually on the market for 7 million, and we learned a ton of history about Elvis and his time living in it. They allow you to take photos, and to sit on the original furniture which I thought was wild.

... I'll be back to share some Palm Springs outfits soon!

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