Hudson's 5 Month Update + Unpublished Photos!

I was dreading this month (as you read in this post) but it inevitably came, and now I am here learning how to be a new kind of mom - a working mom. I am still trying to figure out how to juggle it all, mostly by sneaking in work when Hudson is sleeping at night so I can not stress in the mornings or evenings when he is awake and ready to play. I have the privilege of working from home some days, but I still feel like I don't get enough time in with him. Let's see how my second week feels...

I've been trying to find more things to do with Hudson this month, because I feel like he's more mentally developed and needs to be entertained and challenged constantly. I am going to try to find swim lessons for babies & look into mommy and me type classes! I'd love to hear suggestions for other things to get us into!

BABY UPDATE: This month, I think Hudson developmentally changed the most. He is now a PERSON, not just a little cute thing that we stare at. He does things, he has a blossoming personality and he's fun to hangout with! We went away to California on our roadtrip for 1 week, and something in that week made him way way smarter! When we came home, he used all of his toys differently. He just knew how to bounce in his Jumperoo, and he was more okay with playing alone and entertaining himself in small stretches. 

He started making noise while sticking his tongue out which is so cute. He also started to roll over from back to tummy, which was not fun for his sleep at all. He 100% had a sleep regression because of this, and we had to re-sleep train him. He still goes to bed at 7:30PM and always sleeps 11 hours through the night now to 7AM. 

This month he's also way more bonded with his daddy. He of course wants me when he's crying or in a mood, but I'm like this lame-o who is always there, but when daddy walks in the room he lights up and wiggles all around. It's so cute. Last thing - this month he noticed Claude! He stares at her all day as she throws her toys around and jumps around on the couch. He also grabs at her and tries to pet her!

MAMA UPDATE: I mostly feel like a way more stressed & overwhelmed version of myself. It's like, if one area of my life is thriving, the other is falling behind. On weeks where I feel like a good mama to Hudson, I notice that I haven't blogged at all, or that I've barely hungout with Matt. Now with my job back in the mixture, I barely have time to breathe. A glass of wine at dinner some nights is my sanity. :)

Also, I thought my hair would never fall out like everybody said, but now it is EVERYWHERE. I can't even brush it! Any recommendations??

These are the things we've been using most:

1. Jumperoo: Hudson has loved this toy all month! When I first got it he wasn't quite sure what to do with it, but throughout the month he has been learning how to use his legs, to bounce and the toys keep him so preoccupied!

2. Wireless Camera: After much consideration, we decided to install a Wifi camera. This allows me to workout down the hall where our other monitor's signal wasn't working, and it also allows Matt to see Hudson when he travels for work. This one was so easy to setup, and we can view it on our phone! It even lets you move the camera through your phone, it's insane!

3. Shake and Sing Elephant: For $8, this toy does so much! He loves watching the light shine, and the ears twisting!

4. Spin Rattle: We wanted to find a rattle that was a little bit more in depth then the one we have and love (linked at 3 months) - this one is his new favorite!

5. Angelcare Bath Support: When we moved Hudson from the sink to the tub, this has made my life so much easier! I place him in it, and fill the water up only a tiny bit. He loves kicking around, and the material is gripping, so he doesn't slide!

6. Water Filled Teether: My poor baby has been teething so badly, so on nights when he seems bothered we hold this in his mouth after letting it sit in the refrigerator. It gives him some relief. 

7. Bumbo Seat: This Bumbo has helped him build back support! I try to place him in it during storytime in the morning, and he enjoys it!