My 3 Favorite Baby Carriers + A VIDEO!


- I felt extremely comfortable and secure carrying Hudson around in this when he was a newborn, because it has incredible head support
- He won't outgrow it for a while
- It never hurts my back / good back support
- Stylish!!
- Easy to toss into a bag or the stroller basket because of how light it is!

- Even after you know how to wrap it, it's still time consuming and complicated to throw on on-the-go
- He can't face out in it
- Sometimes I think I still look pregnant wearing it, especially if it's with a coat, because his body is entirely in front of mine

when i use it most: 
- This wrap was my favorite when Hudson was 0-3 months, and I used it mostly to calm him on colicky evenings around the house, or on long walks right out the door, when I didn't need to take the wrap on and off. 


- SO easy to thread the sling, and so easy to put on and take off
- Fits easily into any bag, and great to take along for the ride
- He can sit facing inward or on my hip, which is amazing for use while I am cooking dinner and need to see in front of me
- The fabric is beautiful, and looks cute/ almost seems like part of my outfits!

- The only con is I find the ring sometimes sits too close to his face and he sucks on it. I know I can probably re-adjust so this won't happen, but once he is in, it makes him upset to start readjusting. 

when i use it most: 
- This wrap is my absolute favorite wrap. I wish I found it earlier! I use it for everything - while I cook, if I don't feel like getting the stroller out when I am running into a store, on road trips, etc. It easily pops on and off, and is really great!!


- The inward facing is perfect for him to get cozy and take a nap, while the outward facing is great for when he wants to see the world!
- It is so easy to take on and off, and my go-to in a time crunch
- It's ergonomic
- My husband uses it as well (he thinks the other 2 are a bit feminine)

- It's bulky, and doesn't fit in my bag. It's hard to get a winter coat over it.
- Not as stylish as the other two
- Needs an infant insert when they're younger

when i use it most:
- This is my go-to carrier for quick convenience, like taking the dog for a walk. It's also great for hikes, since it is sturdier. If we are out at night, and we know Hudson is going to fall asleep, we use this carrier as well, because it offers great support while he naps. 

A Video tutorial of how to put them on & how they look on: