Joshua Tree Photo Diary + Guide

So, I'm definitely not a Joshua Tree expert AT ALL, but I figured I would share with you our personal itinerary while we were there, just for some ideas for your own trip! Thanks to Robert & Christina for some of these places - they passed along a great list to us of things to do in the closest town to the national park, which made our life MUCH easier! Here's some of our favorite spots / things we did!

1. Ryan Mountain: (pictured above) - We hiked this mountain on our first day! It took us a few hours, and we made sure to wear tons of sunscreen, but the view was incredible!! Definitely worth the hike. 
2. Skull Rock: The skull rock hike was pretty mild, but perfect for us, as we had Hudson in the carrier. The rocks are beautiful, and it took about 2 hours!
3. Ryan Campground: Joshua Tree makes it really hard to find camping, because it's first come first serve. We got lucky and found a spot at Ryan Campground, it's a bit smaller than the other campgrounds but felt really private, which we loved! (some images pictured below!)

1. The End Vintage: (pictures below) This vintage shop had amazing pieces! If I didn't have Matt and Hudson with me, I could have spent hours. I walked away with the cutest velvet dress!
2. Crossroads Cafe: We went here for brunch and it was delicious - I had the yummiest eggs and biscuits!
3. Joshua Tree Coffee Company: We never leave a town without trying the coffee! This place had some yummy cold brew, and the barista was super nice too!

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