Hudson's 3 Month Update + Favorite Products

Pardon my french, but holy shit my baby is 3 months old! I have so many emotions about this - one being that I am so excited to see him every step of the way realizing he has HANDS and that they WORK or being able to hold his head up, but two that I am also so sad that he's growing up and it's happening so quickly. Guys, I love being a mom. I was so nervous that I wasn't motherly, but this job is now my favorite thing I've ever done in life. I totally get why people do it again and again, it is worth every sleepless night, every pregnancy pain, every hard moment. He is amazing, he is perfect, i love him so much that I can't say it enough times or steal enough smiles from his squishy, perfect, sweet face. He makes getting up every morning so much more exciting.

BABY UPDATE: This month Hudson has changed a ton! He's suddenly so big (I think close to 15 lbs) so it's harder to carry him around all day, but luckily he now is okay with playing alone on his play mat. He went to bed one night around 11 weeks, and woke up a new dude - he realized he can hold rattles, and use his fingers, and his hands hypnotize him! That also came with some negatives, like sleep regression which he went through around 12 weeks. We had a few nights of no sleep when we had to retrain him to fall asleep on his own without the swaddle, because he rejected it. I would rub his hair and put my hand on his chest so he knew I was there until he fell asleep, and a few days in he seemed to catch on.

I am still exclusively breastfeeding him, and some nights he still wakes at 4:30AM to eat, but it's been working out well. There's some days where I worry if my supply is too low, but am holding off on supplementing for now until it really seems to be an issue. His favorite thing is bath time, so I think he's going to be a surfer like his dad!

MAMA UPDATE: This month I've felt much much better. I had a lot of help from my mom and my mother-in-law while we were in Florida, and that made everything a little bit easier. Matt and I took our first night out away from Hudson to go to a wedding, and it was really fun (although I cried once, not going to lie). I am back in a regular workout routine, and back to my pre-pregnancy size which feels really good.

Some hurdles I've been working toward- I feel so motherly and into my baby that it's really hard to find time for Matt and I to focus on us. I don't feel sexy, I feel motherly, and that is hard to face right now. I'm sure other mamas must feel the same, and I'm thinking once I stop breastfeeding that maybe this will go away. Also, we finally found a daycare for Hudson which I am really relieved about, but of course sad about too. I feel really comfortable bringing him there, but I'm also obviously watching my maternity leave days dwindle away, and am feeling a bit sad about that.

Here's a list of some of his favorite products to play with/ use from 2-3 months of age:

1. Pacifier clips: Discovering these changed my world. I was so tired of picking up the pacifier from the ground when he spit it out, and these made that problem instantly go away! They're now our best friend.

2. HALO Sleepsack: We moved to this sleepsack once Hudson started to reject his SwaddleMe swaddle. I love that it allows us to leave his arms out, so he is still somewhat secure to help with the startle reflex, but his arms are free to move around. It also stays on well through the night, so I don't have to worry about any loose blankets in his crib.

3. Grip Rattle: I picked up this basic rattle at Babies R Us and he LOVES them! They're so easy to hold onto, which is great for those first few weeks when he's using his hands.

4. Mustela shampoo: We've been using this at bath time every night to help with Hudson's craddle cap. It works great!

5. Toy Carrier Bar: Once Hudson began to look around and use his hands, he seemed super bored in his carseat, so I bought him this toy. It's been such a lifesaver for car rides, and he never gets tired of the light up kitty!

6. Safari Smiles bouncer: This is one of the most affordable and useful toys we've purchased. I said I wouldn't be one of those moms who has loud, bright and ugly baby toys all over my home, but this one has served such a great purpose. It's so portable, so I bring it room to room as I move around the house, and it keeps him entertained for a long time.

I'll make sure to update again at 4 months, and please feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comments!