Do "Magic Pocket" Jeans Work? + New Hudson Pics!

So Madewell has these new-ish jeans they came out with, the 10" high-rise skinny, which they claim have "magic pockets." Basically, the front of the jean has an extra layer of fabric so you don't get that pooch look after a big meal. The question is does it work, and I am happy to say that it does! The only issue I'll call out is the difference in denim between the pair I have on here, the hank wash, and the darker version, the hayes wash. The lighter pair has MUCH thinner and stretchier denim, which you may like more, but I prefer the darker and thicker denim. I own both pairs because the 10 inch is my favorite, but find myself reaching for the dark denim more often!

Why am I going on and on about this?

Because I've tried literally every pair of high waisted denim at every retailer on the market right now. After pregnancy, I was SO excited to wear high-waisted denim again, and I admittedly went a bit wild with it. I'm tall, and most of the time high waisted denim is not high enough on me in the front, but this pair is perfection. I linked both denim pairs below!

Also, how cute is my boy these days?! He is holding his head up SO well now, which makes it so much easier to carry him!

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