3 Things I Make Time For As A New Mom W/ Cluse

The truth is, it's hard to not be our own worst critics. Before I had Hudson, there were days where I could not find a single thing to wear, and I just stood there looking at myself thinking about how I wish certain parts of me were "better" or "different." Maybe I am insecure (okay, I am!) but I think most of us feel that way sometimes. BUT after having Hudson, this all actually got a little bit better. On the days where I am bothered by my lack of abs, or my inability to find time to complete my to-do list or to pick an outfit that I love, I just think "Well, I made a person, so it's okay!" and I have a new love for my imperfect body and all that it has succeeded in. My new motto is "Be Kind To Yourself" and I've been trying to practice it and speak nicely to myself every day.

That being said, there's a few things that I make sure to do that make me feel more like myself pre-baby. It's important for me to love myself, and to feel comfortable in my own skin, because I want Hudson to grow up loving who he is and feeling good about himself.

1. Eat a healthy breakfast: This one is so important, because it's easy to forget about myself when I am working around the clock caring for Hudson, but I've made it a priority to make the breakfast we snapped pictures of every morning. It's super easy - a scoop of plain greek yogurt, some chopped up strawberries, a pinch of granola and some honey! It's sweet the way I like it, but healthy enough. I eat it every single morning, even if it's with a baby in one arm while standing and rocking! 

2. Get in a workout a few times a week: This one is SO important for me, as I used to exercise every day before being pregnant and during pregnancy. It's hard to let go a little bit, but I've made it a priority to get at least 3 days in per week. Some days I simply do home workouts through "Fitness Blender" on YouTube for 30 minutes. They're just as hard, and I can complete them right in the house with Hudson by my side!

3. GET DRESSED & splurge on ME sometimes! This one is so important! When I was pregnant, everything was all about Hudson, as it should be! I was so excited to shop for him, and decorate his room, and sometimes that made me forget about myself in the mixture! It's so important to make the time to dress myself, and splurge on little things that make me happy, like this stunning velvet CLUSE gift set that makes me feel extra femme and pretty. If I am out and something catches my eye, I splurge (within reason, of course) because we all deserve to treat ourselves sometimes! 

These are a few things that keep me happy, and loving myself! What do you do to keep yourself happy??