3 of My Favorite Glasses Frames

I am always asked about where my glasses come from, and the answer is all over, I LOVE glasses and am actually thankful that my vision is not 20/20 so I can indulge! I will be sharing some glasses retailers that are my favorite to shop at, and wanted to start with Bonlook! Here's 3 of my favorite frames from their site - I love that they collaborate with bloggers, and usually these blogger collections are my favorite to wear! 

These frames are all from JagLever's collection with Bonlook, which is truly a piece of my own heart. All of the frames are quirky enough, but still totally wearable, and the fall/winter vibes are strong. 

These frames have such a darling plaid detail on top!

These are my go-to shape for eyeglasses - thick and round! I also love the plaid detailing on them to add a little bit of something extra. 

Hope these inspire you to try some new fun glasses shapes! I have tons more to share soon! 

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