I'm struggling to stay awake to type this out, and Hudson is sleeping in his cradle next to me. :) We're staying at my parents house for the next few days before we head back to NY! It's been a whirlwind few days here in the US filled with frustration and sadness, and then followed up with tons of hope. I've had days and weeks where I woke up really frustrated that I was born a woman. It's tough being us [females], having to fight for rights that we should have been born with, having to choose between our career and our family, having to constantly remind ourselves to be our own biggest champions even if it seems like the world out there is/will beat us down. It hurts my heart to think that young females may not have the same access to planned parenthood that I had and used when I was in highschool, or that less privileged women who were born into the wrong state or found themselves in less than fortunate situations could end up having it effect the rest of their lives.

But when we all work together, we are stronger. Becoming a mom, and realizing that SO MANY OTHER women are out there going through the exact same things that I am going through has significantly strengthened my love for being born into this gender. We are all in this together, to build each other up and to constantly remind each other how strong we are, and can be. Without us women, nobody else would exist. WE MAKE HUMANS! I love all of you, and am so proud of everyone who was out there marching this weekend. Xo

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