Hudson's 2 Month Update

Can you believe Hudson is 2 months old?! Me either... It is 100% true what they say, the first few weeks fly by in a sleep deprived, baby roll filled haze and then it slowly gets easier and easier. As much as I can't wait for Hudson to talk and walk and become a person, I am also slightly sad seeing him grow out of being that tiny little newborn that I once knew for a split second.

BABY UPDATE: Hudson finally started sleeping through the night at exactly 8 weeks old! There's still some nights where he wakes up around 4AM for a nighttime feed, but most of the time that isn't the norm. It's such a nice change from around 5/6 weeks when he would scream and cry for hours every night we tried putting him to bed. Aside from the weight gain (he's 12.4 lbs!) I think our technique of feeding him extra at night from a pumped bottle has been working. This way I get to see exactly how much he is eating before bed.

He also has incredible head strength, and is almost holding his head up! I think in the next week he will flip over, because I keep finding him in his crib sleeping on his side. We started to bathe him in the sink, not his infant tub, and he loves being under the warm water. He gets really quiet and wide-eyed. 

He 100% knows who his parents are now, and he smiles the most heart melting smile at me every time he catches my eye. I swear he's laughed once or twice, but I think the real true laughs are coming any day now! In the past two weeks he's started paying more attention to his mobiles and toys, and even swats at them with his hands.

We are currently working on figuring out his nap schedule, and getting him down for naps easier. He doesn't like to be sleeping, and fights me all day on going back to bed until he gets grumpy. Hopefully in the next few weeks he'll learn how to lay down for naps and stay asleep in longer stretches during the day.

MAMA UPDATE: I am starting to feel more confident and secure in my role. I am not going to lie, the first few weeks and especially my first few days alone with Hudson, I felt a loss of self, and reality did really sink in that life would never ever be the same. I don't think too many mamas talk about this, but it is a big change to wake up and wait hand and foot on a baby versus taking time to groom yourself and watch Netflix and be selfish. It's a BIG adjustment, and took a lot of getting used to.

That being said, I feel good now, like I really understand my baby and was meant to meet him in this lifetime. I started exercising again at 6 weeks (running with the stroller) and that feels great. I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight pretty quickly, but my body feels different and much weaker and flabbier, so I am working to rebuild muscle. I am still sore in my pelvic area when I workout or walk for long stretches, so I am trying to take it slowly. I am still breastfeeding exclusively, and plan on doing so for at least another month.

One of the biggest changes for me this month is my urge to protect Hudson has increased. I am less afraid in the middle of the night about him not breathing and all of those first few weeks fears, but now I am thinking about other things like how I don't want just anybody to hold my baby, or feeling confident that if he is upset, I am the person who can help him. I didn't feel like this in the very beginning because I didn't know what to do with a baby and everything was so new. It's a good and a bad thing, because I don't want to be overprotective or anxiety ridden, but I want to have just the right amount of these things!

Anyway, please leave any tips for month 3 in the comments! Xo!