Choosing The One with Bugaboo

Bringing Hudson home from the hospital is a day I will never ever forget. I get teary eyed just thinking about it. It was November 9th, the morning after the presidential election results were announced. The sky was overcast, but the trees were beautiful fall colors outside of our hospital room window. As we drove home, my eyes were peeled on Hudson as I sat next to him in the back seat, and the fall trees whizzed by us as we drove on the Meadowbrook Pkwy. I couldn't believe he was ours.

Right when we walked in the door, I breastfed Hudson in our living room. Then I walked him into his room, and told him this was his space to grow and to live. I placed him in his swing in my room, and for the first time in months, put on my non-maternity clothes. Then we bundled up Hudson, placed him in his Bugaboo Cameleon3 Classic Collection stroller in Grey Melange that we had been dying to use for so long (I tested it out with Claude, because I was so excited), and we met my cousin Samantha outside our door for a very short walk on the boardwalk. It was our baby's first walk, his first time in his stroller, our first time in the world as his parents. We had walked the boardwalk, and the streets of Long Beach so many times while I was pregnant and it was a place I had spent my entire life in, and finally I could share it with my baby. I've watched moms walk the boardwalk and wondered when my time would come to be in their shoes, and here it was. It came in the blink of an eye!

I was so happy that we spent the proper amount of time researching strollers and carseats before bringing Hudson into his home. The process of picking such important baby gear felt very overwhelming as a first time mom, and it was a definite learning curve. By coming home prepared and ready-to-go with our Bugaboo, I felt like I had a little bit of control in a situation with so many new unknowns. Half the fun of our first walk in the world with Hudson was finally getting to try out the stroller that I had put so much time into researching! I absolutely love how cozied up and safe Hudson is when he rides in his Cameleon3 bassinet. It's usually pretty windy on the boardwalk, but when he's in the stroller he doesn't even feel it.

I also LOVE that Hudson's carseat, the Maxi Cosi, connects into the stroller. It makes life so much easier for running local errands. Our first walk will always hold a special place in my heart, and I cannot wait for so many more as our little family of 3 now!

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