Baby Products I Can't Live Without

One of the toughest parts of being a first time mom is figuring out everything you need, and what will work best in your lifestyle. Matt and I are do-ers - we like to travel light, and get out of the house as much as we can, so we knew our baby gear would have to reflect this. Here's a list of the things that I use regularly, and why I think they're awesome!! Hopefully this list will help out some of you new moms!

1. Finn + Emma Play Gym: During the first month, most toys were very overwhelming for Hudson, but we use this play gym every morning. He loves it, plus I love the wooden look of it!

2. Jonathan Adler Mobile: This one is a life-saver at night! The night light/ mobile is perfect for night feeds, and the lights on the mobile are great for relaxing Hudson while he is in his cradle. I love that it has a remote, so I can turn it on from bed.

3. Hooded Fox towel: We use this at every bath time. It's so cozy and cute!

4. Letter board: I used this to announce Hudson's birth, and I use it to take photos of him as he grows week to week! It's such a fun and creative way to track his growth.

5. White noise machine: I always heard that babies enjoy noise, and it's true! Hudson loves how soothing this machine is, and it helps lull him to sleep at night.

6. SwaddleMe: Hudson loves to be swaddled, but as he grew he kept breaking out of it, which could be a hazard in the crib at night. After wondering what we could do, I stumbled upon the SwaddleMe! I love how we can velcro him in, so we know he'll stay swaddled all night.

7. Fisher Price Rocker: This is a lifesaver for when I want to get anything done. It's very portable, so I can bring it room to room as I cook or shower!

8. Portable changing station: I keep this in my diaper bag at all times. It's a great water proof changing pad, but also has pockets built in to keep wipes and diapers, so if I am out I can just grab this to bring into the bathroom, and not have to bring my entire diaper bag in. It's super easy!

9. Sophie! Hudson is in love with Sophie! She always gets him to smile, and we play with her every morning.

10. Ergobaby carrier: I swear by this carrier for quick trips out to walk the dog or get the mail. It takes two seconds to get Hudson into it, and it's very sturdy.

11. Solly Baby wrap: I love how close and warm Hudson is in the solly carrier. I wear it around the house, and find that it feels the most natural out of all of the carriers I've tried. I love how cool it looks too!

12. Bugaboo Cameleon3: I did a lot of research on the stroller I wanted to use, and couldn't take my mind of the Bugaboo. It's super sleek looking, I love the oversized basket, and it has a carseat adapter so we can use it with the pram or the carseat. It takes seconds to fold up, plus it isn't very heavy. We're super happy with our choice, and we get so much use out of this stroller every day!

13. Maxi-Cosi carseat: We picked this carseat because it works with our stroller, but also because of how light it is. It only takes seconds to get it in and out of the car. 

14. Fawn Design diaper bag: Saved the best for last! Can you believe this is a diaper bag!? I couldn't either! It's so cute, and it has just the right amount of space for diapers, wipes, wallet and a change of clothing. I carry it with me everyday.

I hope this list helped, and I'll make sure to share our favorites as Hudson grows and gets new things! :)