2016 - The Unpublished Moments & Thoughts

Matt is constantly shooting film photos on top of the digital photos we shoot for the blog, so I thought it would be fun to share some unedited moments from 2016 to wrap up the year. 

I spent the vast majority of this year pregnant, and even with the discomforts and my total dislike for being pregnant, this has hands-down been my best year ever. No doubt about it. After so many years of changes and job switches and moves and feeling unsettled, it was the first year where a lot of things stayed the same over here. I continued to work my full-time job at letgo, we lived in the same home that we moved into in October of 2015, and I continued to blog over here.

Most of my energy was put into reading about the tiny person I was growing, and making sure that I stayed healthy. I physically feel great, and mentally I feel really really changed in a good way. This year took my world, and turned it emotionally upside down (I guess becoming a mom does that to us!) My heart grew 1,000 different sizes, and suddenly the world looks completely different. I truly can't think about my life, and life in general without tearing up. The universe is a beautiful and ugly place, but it's been really good to us in 2016. It's been a hard year for women, politics and the world around us, but I still believe and have hope for the good in the world. 

Which brings me to this - Thank you for being so good to me, and to my family, all of you out there who read here and care. You all make the world better, and I am forever grateful for your continued support throughout the years. I couldn't be where I am in my life if it wasn't for this blog, or for you. 

I was telling Matt yesterday how wild it is that the year Hudson was born is ending. I was born in 1987, and while I don't know much about that year, or even where my parents were on their first New Years Eve as parents, it's a year that I mention thousands of times. It's funny to think that Hudson will live his life sharing that he was born in the year 2016. He'll maybe wonder where his parents were on his first New Years when he has a baby someday and starts to think about those things. 

I am so happy and thankful to tell him that we're with our two best friends in the world, and that we are content and lucky and that life is sweet. I love you guys, have a wonderful night and be safe. See you in 2017!