Something Sweet for Someone Sweet ...

Dads are tough to get gifts for. My dad has pretty much everything - an entire closet full of enviable shoes, tons of Robert Graham button ups (which are his favorite, and were fool proof as a gift until he owned most of them) and every toy a guy could ever want from a boat to the vintage Chester O'chimp dolls he collects from ebay. Is your dad this hard to get gifts for?

This year I am extra thankful for him, because he and my mom rented a home down the street from us to be around after Hudson was born for an entire month. After feeling stumped over what to get him, I realized the one thing he will always love is chocolate! He's a sweets lover like me, and a nice box of chocolates could never fail!

Enter merci. merci chocolate is all about expressing heartfelt gratitude, and the adorable custom holiday inserts makes them even more fun to hand out to those you're thankful for, because you can customize them. You can also print a 'merci list' which allows you to checkoff those on your holiday gift list easily!

If you're looking to give someone sweet something sweet this holiday season, visit merci HERE.

*This post is in partnership with merci, but all opinions are my own!