Seasonal Nostalgia

Paid for by Refinery29 and Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

A few years back, Matt and I decided to pack a carry-on, fly cross-country to California, and rent a VW van to roadtrip & live in to celebrate the holiday season. It's my favorite holiday adventure to date, and we dream of repeating it all the time. We named our VW "Sunny Delight" and spent Christmas Eve in Carmel wandering the shops and drinking coffee in the van. We felt like we took a trip back to the 1960's, our favorite era. A few of you who have followed for a while probably remember this trip!

The funny thing about this seemingly perfect adventure is that this trip did not end on a high note. Our trusty old VW Van ended up breaking down just in time for Christmas, and we were left stranded. That's the best part of memories - the negatives become whitewashed, and the beautiful moments are always what stand out in our mind, and as we look back on old pictures from the trip, all we can think of is how incredible it was. There's no such thing as a perfect holiday, but there is such a thing as a perfect holiday memory! We're excited to partner with Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments to look back on these holiday moments that may be chaotic at the time, but are always bittersweet when they pass. This adorable ornament brings back all of the good feels of our Christmas trip. 

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