NYC Holiday Shopping With Hudson & Uber

Everything becomes more challenging to accomplish with a newborn. There's certain things I just know we'll have to skip this year, like visiting the tree in Rockefeller center because of the crowds, but I am feeling super accomplished after tackling some holiday shopping with Hudson in tow! It was his first time in NYC, and we couldn't have done it without the help of UberX.

With Hudson being so little, the subways are totally off-limits. We love how easy it is to get around thanks to Uber, and knowing that the driver is safe . It's great to be able to see exactly when the driver is pulling up, and the drivers contact info for accountability in case anything were to happen. It puts all of my 'new mom fears" to rest. 

I hated the idea of not having a car seat when entering a car in the city, and luckily Uber Family Profiles now allows us moms to select a car with a carseat inside. When booking your car, all you have to do is select the "car seat" option, and it's only a $10 surcharge. Enter the promo code CARSEATNYC10 to get your first car seat surcharge-free! If you have any questions, there's more info here

We grabbed an Uber in lower manhattan and hopped on over to Soho to pick up some holiday goodies at Madewell. The Madewell on Broadway is my favorite, and I was so excited to find some cute gifts for family (my mom is just as hooked on Madewell as I am). 

We stopped by Irving Farm coffee roasters for some latte's before heading home. Hudson napped while we fueled up on caffeine. It felt so good to bring my baby to one of my favorite places, NYC, and I am so glad that UberX made traveling to the city with a newborn so much less daunting - plus we tackled tons of holiday shopping!

Thanks to Uber for sponsoring this post!

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