Nursery Gallery Wall With Framebridge

Before the baby arrives, it's tough to personalize their space. There's no pictures of them, except for ultrasound pictures, so I had a hard time adding a little bit of him to his room! Once we took our maternity photos, I knew I wanted to include a few, so he could look around and see some personalized pictures of his family in his space.

I had such a fun time filling this little wall space with framed pictures from Framebridge. We were able to order a few different frames that match the different colors of the room, and I included an ultrasound image just for kicks! I love how it warms up the space & personalizes it. The gold frame is my favorite!

Framebridge is offering you guys a discount, so if you're designing a new room, or want to gift someone a framed image for the holidays, it's a perfect time to order! Save 15% on your first order with the code STEFFYSPANDCS15

I also framed the image of the ultrasound that I used to tell my parents and my in-laws that I was pregnant. It's such a special picture of him, and it's one I wanted to remember forever.

Thank you Framebridge for partnering on this post! 

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