1 BIG tip to increase your instagram engagement

Instagram engagement is one of the biggest hot-button topics for bloggers and social media managers who are looking to run their feeds professionally. For work, we use a management platform called AgoraPulse, which allows us to keep an eye on incoming comments from Facebook, Twitter and instagram and comment back. I've been wanting to find something similar, but less expensive, to use for my blog, and I'm excited to share what I landed on with you guys (and no, this is not sponsored guys). 

One of the best ways to increase engagement, is to engage with your audience!!

That means when someone asks you a question, respond! Or even just say thanks to nice followers who took the time to leave you love. The problem with this is when you receive multiple comments, you may miss some on the instagram platform. That's where Iconosquare helps me out. 

The site costs $4.90 cents per month, but it works miracles. It lists out every comment you've received in the "Comment tracker"(see above) and lets you respond through the site, instead of manually going through every comment on instagram. As you read comments, you can mark them as read and/or respond. It helps you to never miss a comment, or miss out on writing back to people who have found your page! 

It also includes tons of analytics that you could export and use in a media kit. 

It obviously isn't for everyone, but once you hit the point when you feel like you're missing comments, or ignoring followers, something like this helps out a ton!