Baby H Maternity Pictures

The countdown is on, with only a few weeks left in this pregnancy I am so excited that we had the chance to sneak away with Jennifer to snap these. My matt is not a big picture guy, he definitely prefers to be behind the lens, but LOOK HOW PHOTOGENIC HE IS! I am sure H will see these and be like "ew mom and dad are kissing," but hopefully when he is like 30, or something, he will look back on them and think we were once cool/ not too bad. Either way, I will cherish them forever. 

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Long Beach, NY has been my favorite place since I was a little girl. My family used to make the drive to the beach to get ice cream on the boardwalk and play in the parks, and after we moved to Florida, we would spend Summers in Long Beach with all of my aunts, uncles and cousins. I knew from an early age it was where I wanted to end up in life, it feels like home. I get all nostalgic and teary eyed thinking how lucky we are to be able to raise our baby here, and that Matt loves it just as much as I do.

We knew we wanted to take our photos around Long Beach in places that were close to our heart. We walked around and shot at sunset on the boardwalk, the beach and in some of our favorite Long Beach spots that we can't wait to bring H to. Hopefully he will grow up and love it here as much as we do.

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