My Second Trimester Recap + Essentials!

Here I am, saying goodbye to the second trimester and feeling pretty shocked at how quickly it flew by. Just this week, two instagrammers that I follow went into labor - 1 at 35 weeks and the other at 38 weeks, and it's hitting me that this guy is going to be here in the blink of an eye. I'm starting to feel like I know him a little bit, because he's so active now. I think he's going to be calm, because he isn't too crazy in there. My mom always talks about how my brothers kicked her non-stop, and it was painful, but he's relatively chill. I think I felt his leg poke out today, and when Matt tried to listen for his heartbeat on my belly last night he got kicked, which was pretty funny.

How far along? 28 weeks this weekend
Weight gain? Around 17 lbs
What am I wearing? I am still squeezing into some of my non-preg clothes like overalls and maxi skirts with elastic waistbands, but I am mostly in maternity clothes now & clothes sized up. 
Movement? He is kicking and rolling and punching up a storm. Last week he started to respond to music, and when I play The Weepies or classical music he goes wild! He also responds to me pushing on my stomach. I can actually FEEL his head now, because he's currently sitting breech, which is pretty insane. 
Cravings? Not any!!
How do I feel? I feel pretty good and can't complain. Keeping up with cardio and weights has definitely helped keep aching down. I've pretty much switched from running to the elliptical just this week, because of the pressure on my pelvis. I've been sleeping through the night. My complaints are just feeling really big and missing my pre-preg body, and heartburn/indigestion. Tums are my friend. I am not one of those people who is like "OMG I LOVE BEING PREGNANT," I find it really uncomfortable, and not very glamorous. The belly is cute, but I am looking forward to just being me again!
What I'm looking forward to? My baby shower in a few weeks!! Matt and I also have a birthing class coming up, and we're almost done with the nursery! I also love shopping for him, it makes me giddy.

Here's some things I used a lot/ read:

1. Register with the site! It makes registering so much easier, and you can keep the things you want from multiple sites all in one place!

2. I couldn't find cute maternity jeans until this pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans from Tilden. They're basically all I need for this entire pregnancy as far as jeans go.

3. These shorts from ASOS are amazing, I can't wait to rock them with tights when it's chillier out. Plus they're on sale! 

4. I read this book, and feel a bit less nervous about labor because of it! 

5. Comfy shoes are a must, and these were mine. They're so trendy, but also easy to wear around! 

6. I can't say enough good things about this tummy butter. I have zero stretch marks so far! 

7. I read this as an audio book, and laughed the entire time. It's great, and doesn't sugar coat anything! 

I'll pop back in with another update on the pregnancy some time in the third trimester! I know not everyone will be interested in these posts, but I love reading back on them from other bloggers I followed during pregnancy! :)