My 29th Birthday Wishlist ♥

My birthday is coming up, and I feel even older because most of my wishlist items are for the baby or the house. It's fun to try to think up a few things I'd love to have, but won't splurge on! Here goes... 

1. As silly as it sounds, I've been searching for something to pack in my hospital bag to make me feel special after labor. I love this set (and actually snagged it for myself ;) ) 

2. I get so much wear out of my Swedish Hasbeens, and would love another pair! This pair is perfection. 

3. Our bathroom needs some extra storage space, and I love this shelf from Urban! 

4. Everything Kate Spade is usually right up my alley, but this bag is on a new level of awesome. 

5. I've been searching for a woven wall hanging for the nursery, and I love this one

6. A spa day/ maternity massage would be amazing right about now

7. A personal trainer for after giving birth ;) (not really a way to add that to the wishlist with a photo!)