How To Keep Wearing Your Favorite Brands While Pregant

There is nothing worse than saying goodbye to your favorite brands during pregnancy (except maybe saying goodbye to high waisted skirts & jeans). But, you guys, I found a loophole! 


Seriously, at 6.5 months pregnant, I am still shopping at my favorite store, and feeling a tiny morsel more like myself. It feels good to be able to go into the store, try things on, look around, and know that there's things for me that still work on my body! Here's a few tips and tricks I've used during the process:

1. Size up. I usually wear an XS, and have been buying all S and M. The M is still a bit too big on me, but I know I'll thank myself in another month or two. The only thing to keep in mind - if you size up 1 size you can still continue to wear the item after pregnancy, but 2 sizes may be swimming on you.

2. Look for things with no waistline, or a higher waistline. This jumpsuit is perfect, because the waistline cuts above my bump. Check and make sure that whatever you are buying won't get in the way of your growing bump!

3. Make sure it fits your pre-pregnancy style. I made the mistake of rushing and buying clothes that I thought I'd wear during pregnancy in the 1st trimester. Now, 6 months in, I don't even touch them because they aren't truly my style. Make sure the things you buy fit your style! Just because something will work on your body now doesn't mean you're going to reach for it and wear it if it doesn't make you feel like yourself!

Here's a few of my most recent purchases that work during pregnancy:

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