High Waisted Skirts During Pregnancy

I was pretty devastated at the thought of going through a summer being unable to wear my high waisted favorites. That is, until I realized you can still wear a high waist during pregnancy! Of course I had to give up my high waisted jeans and vintage levi's cut-offs, but high waisted skirts with elastic waistlines are amazing to wear during pregnancy! 

Here's a few tips on how I've been wearing a high waistline, along with some of my summer faves in stores right now:

- Make sure your skirt sits a bit higher than what you're used to... I usually wear mine almost under my chest. It doesn't look silly with a bump, just cute!

- Pair the skirt with a cropped top, or a blouse tied in a knot... oversized tops make the outfit look frumpy, so something fitted works better

- Size up, and make sure the skirt has a comfy elastic waistband all the way around. My skirts with elastic only in the back became tight very quickly!

Current Faves:

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