Stripes + Introspection

Pregnancy does interesting things to the way we view ourselves. Some days I look at my 1000 times more curvy body and I cringe at myself, and others I am proud of it and I want to wear a dress like this to show the world. I (of course) knew that my body would grow, and part of that is SO exciting. Every morning matt feels my growing bump, and we say "that's SO crazy," but then when it's time to get dressed I feel so defeated. There's no class or book that can prepare you for the dramatic shift in how you look, and how you're going to feel about it.

It's exciting, exhilarating and scary all at once. Some days I wonder if I'll ever feel like "me" again, if I'll ever be able to return to my running speed or if my bras will ever fit again. Then other days when I think about going for walks with my new little guy and getting to snuggle him and feed him, I don't even care about any of those things at all. It's this constant mental battle between "being his mom is enough for me," and "no, but I still need to be me and feel like me!" which I know all of us do need for our own self-confidence. I am sure I'll go back and forth between the two probably for the rest of my life now... I am sure this is just the beginning. :)

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