On Happiness

There's two things that never fail to make me smile - going on a bike ride, and eating things with a spoon (like cereal, and yogurt.. and ice cream, of course!) I've been thinking a lot about how to try to translate that calm feeling of biking, wind in my hair and grin on my face, into the rest of my existence. I know that this person living inside of me is soaking in my vibes, and will inherit pieces of my demeanor that he will carry with him for the rest of his life.

So, I've been trying now, before he arrives, to find peace. Even if it just means lighting a candle for a few hours and actually taking the time to smell it. Even if it's just an extra throw blanket at the end of the bed, for that extra wow. Or.. just putting on my favorite record, over and over again. I want to find these beautiful, simple pieces of happiness now, and hold onto them/ revisit them. I want them to fill mine & his world, so he senses peace and serenity, not stress and worry.

Until he can ride a bike, I want him to still know the feeling of bike ride bliss. :)

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