NYC & the 1st of the bump

I apologize for the slow-down in posts, and I am so annoyed with myself for not posting more lately because life has been SO exciting. There's so many little milestones I've been hitting lately, and I promise to post a bunch the next few weeks and bring this blog up to speed!

We snapped these in NYC around 17 weeks, when I feel like my bump just POPPED on me. It obviously is still not big, and can be hidden in most things, but to me it looks way way bigger. I switched to some maternity clothes just because they're way more comfortable, but they're so expensive so I am sure I will mix in some non-maternity as well. Also, I noticed that maternity clothes are huge and not just in the belly! They don't fit me correctly in the upper body at all!

I just got home after spending 10 days in Spain for work, and Matt came and met me for some adventuring! We figure we only have a few more months left of being spontaneous, so why not do it while we can. I'll be sharing pictures from our travels soon!

Dress: Asos maternity | tee: Madwell | Glasses: | bag: Madewell