Hatch ♥️♥️ in Spain

While visiting Spain, Matt and I took a day-trip to Girona (which we highly recommend for anyone who has a few days in Barcelona - we took the AVE high speed train, and the ride was only 30 minutes!) Some of Game of Thrones was filmed here, which made it extra exciting for us, plus you can truly get lost on the narrow cobblestone streets and lose hours of time! It's blissful, and was probably my favorite day of our entire trip together.

I decided to be SUPER comfortable for the day, and threw on this beautiful caftan from Hatch. It's been hard finding maternity clothes that actually make me feel beautiful, but this dress does the trick. I felt pretty much like a goddess all day. ;)

Some places we visited in Girona include:
1. Rocambolesc for insanely good ice cream!

2. Paseig de Muralla where the views are incredible, and the hike to the top is totally worth it.

3. Eiffel Bridge which offers beautiful views of the river

4. Girona Cathedral located in the most beautiful and remote part of town!

^^ That's cotton candy on ice cream. Wowza! 

Lina Caftan from Hatch

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