We snapped these in Brooklyn the other evening, before we ate noodles at King Noodle and went to see my friends band, Such Hounds, play at a local venue! We've been taking full advantage of these date nights, because I know they will be really hard to enjoy once the baby is around (and lets be honest, I'm sure we won't want to leave him when he's so little!)

I snagged this pair of maternity pants and have been getting a ton of use out of them. I usually wear black jeans when I am not pregnant, so it's hard to tell in these! Also, I now own this shirt from Madewell in every single color, because it's perfect to wear with jeans/ shorts, and doesn't fit HUGE like most Maternity tops. so basically, black & denim is my go-to, my uniform, and the only combination that allows me to still feel like myself. :)


Aysen Shoes

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