20 Week Bumpdate!

Can you believe I'm already more than halfway through this thing?!? Yeah, I can't either. It's been the slowest, quickest few months. In so many ways it flew by and in so many others it has gone soooo slowly, but it seems like I am finally in the fun part - being able to feel baby & see my bump grow! I cannot believe that in just 4 months and change we get to meet this little guy, and I know we need that time to finish preparing for his arrival but I wish I could meet him now. haha! Here's a few deets about the past month or two:

How far along? 20 weeks + 4 days

Weight gain? 11 lbs (I gained most of that in the first trimester, because I was ravenously hungry, and now I just sort of feel normal)

What am I wearing? At first I went out and got tons of maternity clothes,  but then I realized that buying larger normal clothes works better for my body type. Maternity shorts and jeans are a must, but for tops and dresses I've been shopping at H&M, Forever21, Zara and Madewell. Some maternity brands I've loved so far are Seraphine, Envie de Fraise, ASOS maternity, HATCH, and Pink Blush Maternity.

Movement? I felt the baby for the first time around 19 weeks, and then realized I had been feeling him for a little bit, but just didn't know it. Once I felt him I never stopped feeling him! He mostly kicks after I eat and at night when I am in bed. Matt was able to feel him this week too! 

Cravings? I haven't been craving much these days! In the first tri I always wanted savory foods, and now I am back to wanting sweets (like normal!) but in general I haven't been eating too differently.

How do I feel? At the beginning of the second trimester I was still really exhausted all the time, but around 17 weeks my energy suddenly came back. Now I really just feel like a normal, bigger version of myself! I feel really excited to start decorating the nursery and for my baby shower in August, but of course also a little scared! I've never cared for a newborn, so I hope we figure it out quickly. I am also a little worried about my loss of personal time - I feel like my mornings at the gym or my nights reading in bed help keep me happy, so it will definitely be a balance figuring out how to care for him and for myself too. 

Reading? I just finished reading Baby Owners Manual, and now I am reading The Big Book of Birth and The Baby Book.

Things I can't live without so far: 
Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter- I use this twice a day to prevent stretch marks! So far I've got 0! 
The Belly Book - I fill this out every week, and it is way too fun!
ASOS Maternity Playsuit - This is my go-to if I want to be comfortable and stylish. I'll probably purchase a pair of maternity overall jeans for the fall too!
ASOS Maternity Mom Jeans - All I needed was one cute pair of denim for my preggo summer, and these are totally it.
Leachco Body Pillow - This has been a lifesaver, and allows me to get some sleep. I ordered it after struggling for a few weeks to get comfortable. 

I'll be back in a month or so with another pregnancy update! XO!