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Amsterdam Tulips

Getting to see the tulips in Amsterdam was one of my favorite things of all time. It seriously looks like tons and tons of M&M's from far away, until you drive closer and realize that they're perfectly planted tulips! It looks fake, and even in seeing these photos I still cannot believe they're real. 

In all honesty, we snapped some pictures but I was SO amped about being there that I didn't make the photos the focus of it at all. I tried to not make the photos the focus of any of this trip, and we honestly didn't take too many "outfit" type photos. I hope you enjoy these more realistic pictures, because Matt and I are silly and adventurous and hopefully this captures that!

We're off to Spain for a while on Monday, so tons more photos and adventures coming soon!


  1. Amsterdam is one of my favourite European cities and those tulip fields look so majestic! Cute photos. :)

  2. These photos are so fun and beautiful! I also love how you two kind of coordinated with the stripes!
    - Jessica
    Miss Moore Style

  3. This is just dreamy!! One of my bucket list goal is to visit a field of tulip and lavender!! Thanks for these photos darling!

  4. Wow, I can totally see the tulips looking like M&Ms from far away. Mesmerizing!!

  5. SO beautiful! I went to see the tulips locally in Michigan's town Holland! Of course, one day I would love to see Amsterdams :) Enjoy the rest of your adventure!

  6. So cute!

  7. the location is gorgeous!!!

  8. I've wanted to visit the tulips in holland for so long! I tried convinving my boyfriend to drive us over there to see them, but he had too much work on at the time, so I'm hoping for next year instead!
    It looks like you had an amazing time there!
    xo April | April Everyday


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