1st Trimester Deets

Thanks SO much for all of your sweet comments. :) So I don't want to bore you guys with pregnancy ramblings, but I absolutely love reading back through the archives of the bloggers I follow to when they were pregnant, so I will update you periodically. Let me know if you're interested or not! :)

Here's a list of some things that people keep asking me haha:

- How did I find out? I went to my cousins 29th birthday dinner, and after the meal I didn't feel quite right. I had a weird hunch, so in the morning I took a test and voila! Then I took about 10 other tests, hahaha! Matt was in Miami, so I told him over the phone because I was so excited and couldn't wait to share.

- Was I sick? Nope! I luckily did not have morning sickness, and my mom says she never did either. I was sooo tired, and felt really bloated and not like myself, but I never got sick, and continued working out all the way through.

- What were my first symptoms? Well, I cried at really silly things and was acting emotionally off. Right away I couldn't sleep through the night, when I am usually a solid sleeper, and I was having vivid bizzare dreams. Then my boobs grew maybe two cup sizes and that was NOT fun! haha! I was getting super hungry for sunny-side-up eggs, and felt much more ravenous than ever before. I think I gained maybe 4-6lbs in the first trimester.

- When did we first hear a heartbeat? I think around 7 weeks we heard the heartbeat! It was super fast at like 175 beats per minute, but it has since slowed down.

- Did anything out of the ordinary happen? At 8 weeks my progesterone levels dropped, so I had to take pills to increase it. It went from about 34 to 10, which is borderline scary low, so I was very nervous. It definitely made me wait to share, even with my parents.

- Do you like being pregnant? So far I am SO excited about our growing baby, but I sadly do not love how uncomfortable being pregnant is, and I am not even in the uncomfortable stages. I am always either super hungry or super full, and I feel like my body isn't my own. My boobs were soooo sore for months, and my palette for food is all different and weird. I'm in this weird stage where nobody can tell I am pregnant, but I think once I have a bump and can feel my baby I will enjoy it more.

- Do we know the sex? Yes, we found out at 14 weeks through the MaterniT21 test, and will share soon!

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