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I'm Steffy, and I live in my favorite place on earth, Long Beach NY with my two loves & our dachshund. In this space we share our adventures around NY, cozy days at home and tons of outfits! Grab a cup of coffee and lets get to know each other!


Talking about spring (or lets be honest, lack thereof)

When I lived in Miami, and used to drip sweat while walking to work, I told myself I would never ever miss the sunshine and the heat. I still wouldn't trade NY for anything, but boy do I wish it was just 80 degrees already. It's been switching back and forth between cold and windy and rainy for what seems like forever, and I'm ready to be outside adventuring already! Matt and I took advantage of 1 sunny day and went for a hike (before trying shake shack for the first time)

... guys. The shake shack chicken sandwich is on a NEW LEVEL. How did we never go there before??? Oh right, because now we're fully addicted.


  1. This outfit is so cute!!!

  2. The Chick'n Shack is a way of life. They also do dog ice cream cups with milkbones in them.

  3. Same in my city, it's been constantly switching between beautiful Summer weather to, what I call, Winter leftovers weather.
    I can't wait for it to balance out and finally get to enjoy long, sunny days spent outside. :)
    Love your hat and shoes, you're looking so cute and unique as always!

  4. You are so beautiful and the view is so peaceful

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  6. I feel you! A month ago I was wearing dresses, and today I'm bundled up in a sweater and scarf. Love the light colors that still make the outfit look Springy, very cute look!



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