How to post from IG to Twitter (With a PICTURE not a link!)

At an event this week, the topic of pushing your Instagram posts to Twitter came up. People said they were frustrated, because when they automate their Instagrams to Twitter, all they are able to post is a link (like below). Everyone knows tweets with images perform better, so this can be frustrating! Today we're going to fix this!

Have you heard of IFTTT? It stands for "If this, then that" and it's an automation site that allows you to create recipes (like if it is raining, then notify me via e-mail. or if I update my Facebook status, post it on Twitter). 

It's quite easy to set up. Create an account on IFTTT and connect both your Instagram, and your Twitter accounts. Then find the below recipe, that states IF you instagram, then tweet. Turn on this recipe, and make sure to test that it works. Going forward, all of your instagram posts should show up as photos on Twitter!