Why Turning on Post Notifications Won't Help

Hi Guys! I figured since I work in social media, I would take a few minutes to write this post and explain WHY you should absolutely NOT turn on post notifications, or listen to the 8 million posts in your feed requesting this.

Algorithms (similar to the Facebook News Feed) show you what you want to see. This means if you "like" someones posts who you follow on a regular basis, than their posts will continue to show up in your feed. If you "hate-follow" people, or just follow somebody out of guilt because unfollowing may cause problems, these are the people who will no longer show up in your feed.

You should NOT turn on post notifications because:

1. Whether you are notified has NO bearing on the algorithm whatsoever. If you like a users posts, you will still see them. Instagram is most likely not tracking or taking into consideration whose posts you are notified about.

2. You will be overwhelmed with SO many notifications, when it is totally unnecessary! 

3. You may get notified that X user has posted, but STILL not like their photo. If you eventually get annoyed by the notification and take it off, you will STILL not see them in your feed.

I hope this clears things up! Please don't turn notifications on for me! If you 'like' my photos, I'll still be there :)