Washington DC Adventures

My little brother Matthew lives out in Washington D.C. and I had to pleasure of staying in his new home and getting a personalized tour around the city! When I lived in Brooklyn back in 2009, he lived in the city and we shared tons of fun adventures together, so it was a lot of fun getting to adventure with him again just like old times. Here's a few spots he took me to that are a must-see when visiting!

Georgetown Cupcakes were delicious, and may even compete with Magnolia's here in NY! The line was long, but it was totally worth the wait. My brother said the only way to eat them is with a cup of milk, which I thought was funny.

I absolutely loved walking around Adams Morgan. We spent some time at Crooked Beat records which was super organized, and walked away with some favorites. I bought The Tallest Man on Earth, and my brother got Tame Impala! 

We took the train to the Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. The National Mall is a must-see, and I always love seeing the ducks swimming in the lakes surrounding it!

Here's my brother and I. Think we look alike? I don't at all...

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