Portland, Oregon

After years of dreaming about visiting Portland, Oregon, I finally had a chance to tag along with Matt on one of his work trips. I always pictured Portland as the only place besides NY that I could see myself living and fitting in. I was definitely not let down at all by all of the incredible things to do (and how walkable to city is!) but I was a bit surprised by how rainy it was. It rained every day of our trip. By the end, we just stopped caring about walking around damp and frizzy haha!

Thank you all SO much for your suggestions on places to go! We went to as many as we could, so I figured I would report back on some of our favorite spots.

The first thing we did was grab some Voodoo Doughnuts. We each got a cereal covered donut, and then split a 3rd which was maybe not the best idea. I was impressed, that is until we tried Blue Star Donuts, which was recommended by a bartender from Cascade Brewery. They are soooo fresh, and the icing is a little lighter with a lot more flavor. Ok, so now you probably think all we did was eat donut (kinda!) J/k, here's some other things we saw...

We went vintage shopping at House of Vintage and it was hands-down the most vintage I've ever seen in one place. They had so much of everything! It's not SUPER cheap, like Miami prices, but it is definitely cheaper than Brooklyn! I walked away with two maxi dresses for the summer.

Then we walked to Music Millennium records. I finally picked up my favorite Sufjan Stevens album, and Matt walked away with two iron and wine albums.

A lot of you suggested stopping by Powell's Books, and it was SO well-organized. We lost probably two hours in there, in totally different parts of the store (Matt likes the history section which totally doesn't interest me haha) It's a perfect place to spend a rainy day.

Matt's favorite clothing company Poler has their flagship store in Portland, which he was super excited about! It was merchandised awesome, and had this beautiful and intricate mural painted on the wall when you walk in that I loved.

When Matt was working on Sunday, I took an Uber to Hawthorne Ave and walked all the way back Downtown to our hotel just exploring by myself, eating mangoes. yum. I stopped into Lounge Lizard and they had sooo many things I would have taken home if I wasn't hopping on a flight.

Hope you enjoyed the little city guide! Have a great weekend!

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