Our floors before & after with Lowe's!

Our biggest NO when we bought our home was that it had carpeting. It was an awful creme color filled with stains and it made the entire place feel stuffy. We knew right from the start that we would pull up the carpeting and put in wood floors. In my first home, we went with a more cherry wood, but in this house I wanted a darker wood. 

We ended up installing pre-finished floating, locking hardwood floors from Lowe's. We used Lowe's for the install as well, and the entire process was quick and painless. We had my aunt and uncles' company demo the carpet (which took 2 days) and it took Lowe's 2 full days for the install. It only took three weeks from the time we ordered our flooring until it was 100% complete, and that was during the busy season of the holidays! It was a miracle, i swear. We are SO smitten with our new floors, and they truly changed the look and feel of our house. 

The bedroom is SO cozy at night with the new floors. We also opted to add wood throughout the kitchen. Removing the already existing tile floors was a bit messy, but so worth it in the end.


See, the carpets were as bad as I described :) Here's a photo of the day they pulled them up AKA best day ever.