NYC Days Off

Lately, I just feel kind of blank. I'm not even uninspired, that's the weird part. I feel SUPER inspired, with a wealth of ideas and the drive to make these idea happen, but feelings-wise I'm blank. Maybe as you grow up, you learn to unfeel because feeling can be hard. As good as it feels to feel, it is equal parts bad. Every day I get the privilege to see beautiful places and scenery (& i think to myself WOW this is a moment right now), and I snap these photos, and I feel nothing. I'm not on a grind, my life is beautifully unpredictable, but I just want more. I always want more.

I can't figure out if that is a good thing, and the driving force behind where I am today, or if it is bad. Why can't I just sit back and enjoy things, without always planning ahead? I'm trying to be here in this moment because I know these moments pass us by so quickly. Here's a day off when my brother visited, it was a lovely day, one I'll probably remember forever. ♥

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