Cold Front

Canada Goose coat | J.Crew chambray | Madewell jeans | UO bag

It was 2 degrees on this day. two. but this winter, i finally invested in a GOOD coat, and let me tell you guys, it has changed me (and no this is not sponsored lol). I couldn't feel the cold in this coat, it was a miracle. having proper winter clothes really does make all of the difference. Now, if only winter would come to NY already! HAHA. I am ready for the magic of snowfall. Here's a few more pictures from Maine:

We stopped into the Portland Flea-for-all, and picked up some amazing antiques. The prices are super reasonable and they have vintage for all different tastes - from rustic to retro.

... Well that's all for Maine! Hope we inspired you to make the journey there someday! :)

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