My New Job & Some Honesty

So, the truth is that I haven't really shared much about my work outside of blogging on here. I guess aside from personal privacy, I haven't really felt like where I've worked has fit my "blog brand" .. if that is even a thing. It isn't that I didn't love where I worked or what I did, it's just that my day-job never really made sense compared to my blog. Before my new job, I was working as a social media strategist, but at a plumbing/construction company. I know that seems SO weird, but many of my family members work in construction so I never minded it much, even though the things I was posting about had NOTHING to do with my blog experience.

Anyway, now I finally work somewhere that makes sense for me. It fits me, and that feels really amazing. I am excited that I joined the team of letgo as their Community Manager. it's a really cool app where you can buy and sell used things (WHICH IS MY OBSESSION!) The plus is that I get to work from home sometimes, and when I am not at home I am in an office in the city where I can bring claude with! It's still very new, and I am adjusting to the new schedule, but here's some pictures of day 1 when I got to walk claude during the day... I haven't been outside walking around in the daytime during the week in SO LONG after being at a desk job, so this feels really special guys...

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