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Seeya in San Fran!

After an INSANELY hectic week of my full-time job paired with the stresses that go into buying a house paired with blog work, i am super excited to be headed off to san francisco for the next few days! we're visiting our best friends and exploring the city! I've only been once when I was 14, so any tips on places to go are much appreciated!



  1. Have a great mini holiday in SF! :)

  2. have fun in SF!

  3. One of my favorite things in SF was walking through basically from Downtown Union Square to Chinatown and on into the "Little Italy" area, which was just about a 25 min walk or so if memory serves. It was a great walk because it went from kinda touristy, big city downtown to the vibrant reds and decor of Chinatown and then into the delicious smells and more old-world look of Little Italy. If you get time def hit it up!

  4. Wonderful! I love SF! Happy travels

  5. I wish you a lot of fun :D

    xx Michaela

  6. Definitely do the touristy stuff (union square, chinatown, fisherman's wharf) but also make sure to check out North Beach- Cafe Triest is so bomb, and City Lights Bookstore is a staple. The Mission for great Mexican food and nightlife. Hayes Valley and Pacific Heights (particularly along Fillmore) is great for shopping and a good (though expensive) dinner. Those are my favorite spots, I've lived in Oakland for 5 years and head to the city 3-4 times a week and I'm still constantly discovering new things!

    Just discovered your blog, so cute!!


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