Clearly Different

Since before I can remember,  I've been one of those people who lived on sugar. It made me happy, it made me nostalgic and it was integrated into part of who i was - so much so that my instagram description even said "sweets lover!" Well, a month or so ago, I decided I wanted to make a big change, and cut out sweets. Obviously sugar can be found in TONS of foods, like fruits, but i just mean bad sugars like cookies, ice cream, candy etc.

I was SO excited when I discovered Zevia, a non-GMO, sugar-free soda that I can sip on when I feel like i need something sweet! the ginger root beer flavor is actually my fave, but i loveee this pink can. It is #ClearlyDifferent than any other drink out there.

I'm excited to partner with Zevia to give one of you a $500 visa gift card! Just follow @ZeviaLife for a chance to win!