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Waffles & A New Photo App!

I always run out of space on my phone. it kills me! but Google just came out with a new app, Google Photos, that increases the amount of photos you can store tremendously AND it has an incredible search feature. I hate having to scroll through a years worth of photos when trying to find Claude puppy pics or wedding pics- but with this app, you can literally SEARCH for something, and it categorizes all of your photos by people and places. it's ridiculously cool. You can also share a big group of photos with a link, which is the besttt after a trip with friends (no more dumping everything on Facebook!) I am always skeptical when a new app comes out, but this one is really useful.

Google was giving away free Waffles in the middle of the city if you could find a key word within the app - my word was "birthday" and luckily my birthday was 3 days prior! The waffle was amazing, and I was able to pay with my photo!

It's worth a try, you can download it here!

*Sponsored by Google


  1. Great app. Thanks for sharing!!


  2. That place looks so yummy!! And I'll have to check out the app!

  3. Those waffles look so good, yummy!!

  4. Those waffles look so delicious. I haven't had an issue with having too many pictures on my phone yet, but i am sure this app will come in handy one of these days. Thanks for sharing!

  5. You look really preety and the waffles make me hungry!

    Lena's Petals xx

  6. this sounds like a really great app! I always have to upload my photos from my phone to my computer because I run out of space!


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