Nude & Free

The feeling of being free - truly free of worry, work stresses, life stresses, self-induced stresses- only happens when I am running, smiling ear-to-ear on a bike, in the midst of a yoga class or laying on a beach at sunset. But, there is one rare and beautiful place, a place that reminds me of my own inner hippie, the girl who drove a mint green VW and surfed in highschool. That place is my home of Long Beach. Something about the sound of the waves licking the shoreline and the soft warm breezy air that engulfs my body as I walk on the familiar feeling boardwalk transports my to a different place and time. 

It was only fitting to dress in my most free-spirited easy breezy outfit for this calm night, wearing Vera Wang Hippie Princess, their newest scent. It's delicate and sweet, my wingman for a low key beachside sunset. On your next dance with your inner hippie, publish your hippie spirit to @VeraWangGang with #VWHippiePrincess and #TVContest for a chance to win the fragrance, and a shopping spree at Kohls!